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Oct 1/20

In Suds We Trust

Pop tops and bridge distances. United we drink beer!

In the year 2020, hands got cleaner and beer bellies bigger. You’ve likely developed a preference of hand sanitizer but never quite figured out how to drink a pint while wearing a mask. Beer has been a constant during the Covid-19 shutdown, with trips to your favorite local breweries and liquor stores providing a social outlet during stay-at-home orders.

We’ve been running on a campaign of good beer since 2012. Through In Suds We Trust, we’re doubling down on that commitment and encouraging camaraderie by popping tops together in this tumultuous time leading up to the presidential election. The next couple months will be particularly fraught, but we assure you that beer is something you can trust to always be there.

Aug 24/20

Indeed Milwaukee Turns One

Q&A with Head Brewer of Milwaukee Patrick Nickelson

Indeed Brewing Company is approaching the one-year anniversary of opening its brewery in the Walker’s Point neighborhood of Milwaukee, which served its first beers to the public on September 6, 2019. The pilot brewery’s first year experienced both expected trials and unforeseen tribulations, coming out the other end with a new head brewer and exciting beer plans for its second year. Patrick Nickelson talks about the pilot brewery's first year and what's coming next.

Aug 12/20

Good Beer, Guaranteed

Q&A with Quality Manager James Fetherston

Indeed has always promoted freshness in the marketplace by pulling past-code beer from store shelves and using easy-to-read date coding on its cans. And when bars and restaurants shut down in March, it was no question that Indeed would buy back kegs. But even before the beer is kegged or canned, Quality Manager James Fetherston makes sure it’s up to snuff.

Jul 29/20

Crush Tacos with Pink Rabbit Pils

The Indeed and Centro beer collaboration is now in tall boy cans

Well before Centro and Popol Vuh even opened, a natural partnership with Indeed emerged thanks not only to close proximity, but also a shared sense of building the neighborhood. Before the team could use their space, Indeed opened its taproom for meetings and trainings, getting to sample some of the menu during that time.

Pink Rabbit Pils, pilsner steeped with hibiscus and lime, was brewed specially for our Quincy Corner neighbors to playfully complement both the killer cuisine and fluorescent vibe. As the only pilsner on tap at Centro, it’s an easy beer to go with the fast casual Mexican food. “It’s light, so it pairs with pretty much anything,” says Owner Jami Olson. This summer crusher is bright pink from the hibiscus and finished off like a proper street taco—with a squeeze of lime for a citric twist.

Jun 5/20

Indeed We Can Supply Drive

We are collecting items for people in Northeast and Northside.

Indeed is facilitating a supply drive for the weekend of June 5-7 to help collect items for people and organizations in the Northeast and Northside communities. We will be updating with items that are current needed.

Jun 5/20

Open for Patio Beers

Reservations are now being taken.

Our patio is open as of Friday, June 5 and our taproom is open as of June 12. We’re happy to provide a space to gather over a beer again; now feels like a good time to welcome back old friends, and extend an invite to new ones. Find out what you'll need before you showing up.

May 19/20

Drink Beer, Do Good

Indeed We Can is back on Wednesdays

We are in the business of beer, but make no mistake: Community engagement is at the core of what we do at Indeed Brewing Company. When we closed our Minneapolis and Milwaukee taprooms on March 16, the craft-beer drinking community showed up for us when we were uncertain about the future of our business. Now that we’ve found some stability in this current situation, it’s time for us to show up for people in need.

On Wednesday, May 20, we are reinstating Indeed We Can. Through August, 100% of the net proceeds on Wednesdays will go to a Covid-19 General Relief Fund, which will be distributed to organizations in the Twin Cities and Milwaukee areas that are supporting people who are disproportionately affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

May 13/20

Whirlygig 2020*: Stay Whirly, Stay Home

Here's how to commemorate Whirlygig 2020.

We're sticking a big, fat asterisk after Whirlygig 2020. The weekend-that-would've-been still deserves commemoration, and our Stay Whirly, Stay Home pack equips you with beer, goodies, and the ability to say you participated in a cancelled event.

May 6/20

All About Indeed's Variants Program

Jon Eager answers all our burning questions about beer infusions.

How did you get into brewing?

My older brother, Chris, introduced me to homebrewing sometime around 2008. We did our first brew session in his kitchen in South Minneapolis (a Summit EPA clone I believe, while drinking many, many Summit EPAs) and I fell in love with the process right then and there. Brewing didn’t end up sticking with my brother, so a year or so later he gave me all his homebrewing gear and I hit the ground running. I had worked as an Assistant Chef throughout most of high school and college and I enjoyed the translations between brewing and cooking, something that would ultimately lead me towards a deep exploration into infusing finished beer with all kinds of ingredients here at Indeed.

I knew I wanted to pursue brewing as a career, but I didn’t have any money to attend Siebel Institute for a formal education. So, I decided to give up my social life for at least a year to study every brewing book I could get my hands on whenever I wasn’t at my soul-destroying day job. In 2013 I took the plunge and got a job at Northern Brewer in St Paul, which exposed me to all kinds of brewing professionals, textbooks, ingredients, and, of course, tons of homebrew and craft beer. It was simply a matter of luck when a year later the owners of a then soon-to-open brewery called “HammerHeart” waltzed into the shop one day asking if we knew of anyone interested in a part time assistant brewer job. My coworkers all pointed to me. I spent two years at HammerHeart learning how to brew on a larger scale, and was promoted to Brewer shortly after I started.

Apr 27/20

Wooden Soul Bottle Club

Our wildest, ripest beers hand-picked just for you

Beers like the ones in our Wooden Soul program deserve some extra flair, don’t you think? So, too, do our Wooden Soul enthusiasts. With that, we present the Wooden Soul Bottle Club: Our wildest, ripest beers hand-picked just for you.

Apr 24/20

Stay Whirly, Stay Home

Whirlygig as you know it is cancelled, but we're staying Whirly.

When we announced our killer Whirlygig 2020 lineup back in February, we said we'd be getting weird for the three-day music and beer fest. And weird it got, only for reasons we weren't anticipating. This will likely come as no surprise, but it still pains us to tell you: Whirlygig 2020 is not happening, at least in the way you know it. The world is a different place than it was two months ago, and gathering en masse is not a thing that we can do right now. Make no mistake: This totally and unequivocally sucks. But before you file this under "bummer news" and give in to wallowing, we invite you to Stay Whirly, Stay Home.

Apr 21/20

Cans that Give Back

New beer releases feature QR codes on the label that go to supporting local communities.

On Monday, March 16, Indeed Brewing Company voluntarily closed its Minneapolis taproom before bars and restaurants were ordered to temporarily close across Minnesota. Since then, we've adapted to the changing landscape caused by the novel coronavirus outbreak to not only serve beer safely, but also provide consumers with new brands.

Instead of scrapping plans for upcoming draft-only beers on the 2020 brand calendar, our marketing, production, and packaging teams switched gears to release these beers in labeled cans and on schedule, with an added effort to support local communities.

Mar 18/20

Comfort Beer

Crowlers and growlers are available to-go in Milwaukee and Minneapolis.

These are strange and unprecedented times, indeed.

We announced on Monday, March 16 that we would be closing our Milwaukee and Minneapolis taprooms in response to the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S. While we can’t provide a space for you to gather, we can supply you with beer once again, which we hope brings you some comfort.

Crowlers and growlers are now available to-go at both taproom locations. Pick up through The Ox window in Minneapolis. In Milwaukee, pick-up is available at the taproom.

Order online here for Minneapolis or call 612-843-5090, ext. 4. Open 12-10pm Monday-Saturday and 12-8pm on Sunday. Delivery is available Monday-Friday 1-5pm with a 90-minute promise from time of order (same-day delivery available on orders placed by 3:30om). $5 delivery fee per order. Buy a gift card here.

Order online here for Milwaukee. Growlers, crowlers, and cans are available for curbside pick-up; call 414-216-9007, ext. 5 when you are at the taproom to receive your order. Open 3-10pm on Wednesday & Thursday; 12-11pm on Friday & Saturday; and 12-5pm on Sunday. Buy a gift card here.

Feb 26/20

A Tale of Two Breweries

Catching up with owner Tom Whisenand.

Indeed Brewing Company’s pilot brewery and taproom opened in Milwaukee in September 2019. Owner Tom Whisenand reflects on the the last six months in Milwaukee, why Wisconsin is a great state for beer, and what’s in store for beer drinkers in both states.

Feb 24/20

Whirlygig Returns in 2022

The weekend-long music festival is on for May 20, 21, & 22 in Northeast Minneapolis.

Let’s get ready to Whirlygig! For the first time since 2019, we're getting the band back together. So squeeze into your party pants from two years ago (or go ahead and buy a new pair) and join us for a long overdue weekend of good vibes, food and beer galore, and a killer music lineup.

Feb 19/20

PakTech Recycling Program Update

Bring your old PakTech can holders to Indeed and get $2 off any beer, any time.

While both taprooms are collecting and recycling PakTechs, the discount on beer was discontinued in 2020.

Back in August 2019, we found out that PakTech—those bright orange toppers that hold our six- and four-packs together—was not compatible with residential recycling centers and programs across Minnesota.

We decided that we wanted to not only find a way to recycle them responsibly, but also educate craft beer drinkers, so we offered you discounts and free beers in exchange for your discarded PakTech. We partnered with a facility that would properly recycle PakTech and other craft breweries followed suit in the mission to keep the packaging truly sustainable.

We have collected more than 1,300 PakTech holders and in return given away more than 850 free beers since then.

You showed us that you care about sustainability (and free beer), making this program wildly successful. So successful, in fact, that it’s time to scale it back a bit. We will still be offering $2 off all beers (even during Happy Hour) when you bring in three or more PakTech holders (from both Indeed and non-Indeed packs).

The Milwaukee taproom will still be offering one free pint (excluding specialty pours) for 4 or more PakTechs, or $2 off any beer with 1-3 PakTechs.

Feb 18/20

Make Way for The Queen

The Queen makes her royal debut.

Long live The Queen.

Formerly known as Whiskey Queen, this whiskey barrel-aged Imperial Stout is now known simply as The Queen. Same beer, new name (and, in fact, same beer as Rum King—just a different barrel). At 10.5% ABV, The Queen starts her journey to the throne as a pitch-black Imperial Stout, aged over seven months in American whiskey barrels to develop complex vanilla, chocolate and coconut aromas and a signature boozy finish. Warm, yet authoritative, The Queen boasts an unforgettable silky mouthfeel backed by roasted malt and oak flavors. An iron fist in a velvet glove, she rules.

We’re commemorating the occasion in royal fashion.

  • In cans: This is the first time we’re packaging The Queen for distribution; available in a liquor store near you. We've done the aging for you, so don't let her sit idle in the fridge.
  • On tap: On tap now in bars/restaurants and in the Minneapolis taproom Thursday, Feb. 27
  • Flight Night: We’re infusing The Queen with four flavor combinations on Thursday, Feb. 27: Dogwood NEON Espresso and Vanilla Bean; Cacao Nibs and Orange Zest; Cherry and Coconut; and Ginger and Lemon Zest. RSVP on Facebook.
  • Royal Crush: To properly commemorate the occasion, we’re having a bottle release party on Saturday, Feb. 29. Beginning at 12pm, there will be 300 bottles available of The Queen Brewer’s Reserve ($30 a bottle, limit of two). Among the festivities to honor The Queen is a chess tournament; RSVP to the event on Facebook and sign up for the tournament here.

Jan 31/20

A Pastry Stout's Journey

Sarah Jane's Maple Stick Stout releases on Feb. 6 in Milwaukee and Minneapolis.

From a bakery counter display in Northeast to tap lines in Minneapolis and Milwaukee, Sarah Jane’s Maple Sticks Stout’s journey is a testament to Indeed’s commitment to community and collaboration.

Danish dough twisted with cinnamon, baked with caramel and almonds, and topped with maple frosting—Maple Sticks from Sarah Jane’s Bakery in Northeast Minneapolis are a staff favorite here at Indeed. They’re the first pastry that’s snagged, and no one even thinks about leaving half. So when we set out to develop a pastry stout, it was a no-brainer to capture the essence of these beloved classics.

"When deciding to make a pastry stout, the logical choice in my mind was to model it after the Maple Stick from our local NE bakery Sarah Jane's," says Josh Bischoff, Head Brewer. "I would venture to say that the first year or so of Indeed's existence was fueled almost exclusively by Dogwood Espresso and Sarah Jane's Maple Sticks."

Tested and perfected at our pilot brewery in Milwaukee, this recipe was then brewed on a larger scale at our Minneapolis headquarters and canned for distribution. Cinnamon, vanilla, lactose, and—of course—maple make this malt-forward stout rich and full. And, at the risk of getting too sappy, it represents a connectedness that makes this beer extra special to us. We can’t wait to share it with you.

We’ll be releasing this beer on Thursday, February 6 at 3 PM in Minneapolis and Milwaukee. Maple Sticks will be served in both locations.

RSVP on Facebook (Minneapolis and Milwaukee), and make sure to let us know you're drinking it on Untappd.

Jan 29/20

Indeed We Can: Doing Good Together

“When good people get together and do good things, then good things happen.”

Bridging founder Fran Heitzman’s words are simple but speak volumes; they ring especially true for us at Indeed, where a core value of ours is Do Good. Tonight in Minneapolis, we’ll be drinking for a good cause while also honoring Fran’s legacy, who passed away on January 11.

At 94, Fran left an indelible mark on the people he served. “The contagious inspiration and passion Fran shared as an advocate for those in need ensured all families were served with dignity and was vital in achieving Bridging’s most recent milestone of serving 95,000 households since its inception/the beginning. His tremendous work ethic, commitment to quality service and unwavering pledge to ensure that ‘everyone has a bed to sleep in’ truly made him one-of-a-kind.” Read more about Fran’s legacy on Bridging’s website.

“Providing household goods for those coming out of homelessness resonates with my morals and values. Bridging allows people a second chance at having a sustainable life after hardship. Especially through winter months, every family deserves comforts that can bring them more opportunity to live a satisfying life,” says bartender Jessica Zottolla, who nominated Bridging.

Funds raised on Wednesday night in the Minneapolis taproom will support the general operating budget at Bridging. The 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serves primarily the Twin Cities metro area, providing donated furniture and household goods to people transitioning out of homelessness and poverty. Bridging gives hope—and for many—a leap toward stability for the first time. Since 1987, Bridging has served more than 95,000 households, and reduces landfill space by 10 million pounds each year.

Right now, Bridging is in need of towels, which we will be collecting tonight and for the next couple weeks and deliver.

In the Milwaukee taproom, lead bartender Madi Altman has nominated The Women's Center. “I felt the need to make whomever I recommend as meaningful as possible. Being a survivor myself, I chose them because of all of the work and care that goes into them helping every person who walks through their door. It is something we need more of in this world. Anything I can do to help them for helping hundreds of women, I’ll do.”

Founded in 1977, The Women's Center serves women, children, and men impacted by domestic abuse, sexual violence, child abuse, and trafficking. It is Waukesha County’s only agency of its kind, providing a range of life-saving and life-changing programs and services that heal and empower adults and children on their paths to build a future free from violence.

RSVP on Facebook: