Our Accountability Commitment

Indeed acknowledges the personal stories of harassment and discrimination being shared in recent weeks by craft brewing enthusiasts and employees. Among the hundreds of stories shared internationally, Indeed Brewing has been named, and we’re taking these claims very seriously.

Below is the accountability and plan our company’s leadership is fully committed to. This page will be regularly updated to reflect the current state of our action items.

Our Progress

Indeed has been on a three-year journey to advance our business and culture, and that work continues in earnest.

  • In 2018, Indeed adopted a framework that puts our company values — do good, think different and be committed — at the center of our decision-making, including hiring and evaluating talent.
  • We’ve consciously diversified our leadership and management team. Indeed’s leadership team is made up of 7 people, three of which are women. That is above industry norms and will continue to foster and further diversify our leadership and team.
  • In November, we named seven-year employee Kelly Moritz to the newly created position of Chief Operating Officer, primary decision-maker on day-to-day operations. We will be naming a People and Communities Director this year, another new leadership role.


Items are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent action at the top.

11/3/2021: Indeed Brewing has completed the action items below. Updated version of the Action Plan can be found here.

By 9/30/21, Indeed will have replaced the mural image of co-owner Tom Whisensand, co-owner Nathan Berndt, and founding brewer Josh Bischoff in its taproom.

By 9/30/2021, Indeed will be prepared to offer a position to a full time People & Communities Leader.

By 9/30/21, Indeed has developed an annual business planning process, with a draft of the 2022 business plan, including projections, forecasts, budgets, capex, and departmental plans.

By 10/19/2021, Indeed will have a full staff workshop day, where every member of the Indeed team will have the opportunity to share their vision of Indeed’s future.

By 10/30/2021, a full time People & Communities Leader will begin their role and be on-boarded with the findings from tHRive Law & Consulting, including the recommendations from the audit results.

By 10/30/2021, a full time People & Communities Leader will begin their role and be on-boarded with the resources needed to learn Indeed’s relationship with EOS, including but not limited to: the Indeed employee handbook, EOS books “What the Heck Is EOS?” and “How to be a Great Boss”, Indeed’s VisionTraction Organizer, and the results of the audit conducted by tHRive.

By 10/30/2021, Indeed’s Chief Operating Officer will begin working with an executive coach for continued management training and support.

By 10/30/21, Indeed will identify each platform portraying an inaccurate version of the company’s history including but not limited to: company website, employee handbook, press boilerplate, brewery tour information, company biography at festivals, and sales materials.

By 11/1/2021, feedback from the full staff workshop day will be digested and incorporated into the final version of the annual plan for 2022 and beyond.

8/20/2021: Indeed Brewing shared tHRive Law & Consulting's audit findings and recommendations with staff internally, via a series of meetings and tangible copies. Indeed has created an action plan of measurable steps to achieve each of tHRive's recommendations. The audit report, recommendations and Indeed's action plan can be found here.

8/3/21: We're pleased to report that our company audit with tHRive Law Consulting has reached a conclusion. We will be sharing our findings and action plan with our staff internally first and foremost. Once our staff has the opportunity to review the findings and have their questions answered, we will share with our broader community. We anticipate this to be early September.

5/28/2021: We have contracted with an independent organization and an audit of our employment policies, practices and workplace culture is underway. This includes interviews with past and current employees. We have committed to transparently sharing the audit findings and a specific action plan when the audit is complete next month. This audit will provide a comprehensive list of details so we can take further action. In addition to the audit, we are listening to our music partners, charitable partners, customers, distributors and retailers to help us clearly see and address any blind spots and biases.

Any information that is relevant to the audit can be shared with Kate Bischoff at kbischoff@thrivelawconsulting.com.

5/25/2021: Indeed Brewing CEO, Tom Whisenand, issued an open letter in response to Indeed experience claims. The letter can be found here.

5/20/2021: Indeed Brewing COO, Kelly Moritz, issued an open letter in response to the wave of personal accounts posted on social media. That letter can be found here.

What's Next

By early September, we’ll be ready to share the results of the audit and action plan with the broader community. Those findings and action items will be found on this page.

We can assure our leadership team is fully committed to advancing the changes necessary to ensure a diverse, equitable and inclusive company where all people are valued and have the opportunity to make an excellent career. It’s a high bar. We know we can deliver.