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Dec 21/11

The Year in Beer in Minnesota

Some exciting things have happened in Minnesota during 2011 with respect to craft beer. From the passage of the "Surly Bill," which allows production breweries to sell beer by the pint in their taprooms, several new breweries have opened and more are in planning and opening in 2012 (including brew pubs) in the Twin Cities and out-state Minnesota . More craft beer bars are opening and liquor stores are carrying more craft beer and itching for local beer more than ever.

Join MPR on its Midmorning program and guests Mike Hoops, Owner of Town Hall Brewery in Minneapolis; Mark Stutrud, President of Summit Brewing Company; Omar Ansari, President of Surly Beer and President of the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild; and Ann Markusen, Professor at Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.

Dec 8/11

Twin Cities gets a TV show about craft beer

It's a great time to beer lover in the Twin Cities. There are many new craft breweries that have opened in 2011 or will be opening in 2012 ( Indeed Brewing Company included).  Liquor stores along with bars & restaurants are also retooling their selections to include more craft beer.  It's hard to keep track of all the new happening in

St. Paul Pioneer Press reporter Amy Carson Gustafson writes about about a new TV program called that "Beer Geeks" that will air on KSTC-45 on Sunday nights.

Gustafson writes: "Craft beer is having quite a renaissance. As major beer players including Miller and Budweiser have seen their sales decline, craft beer's popularity is soaring. Chances are craft beers are taking up more tap space at your favorite bar than ever before. And smaller breweries are popping up all over the state thanks in part to some updated laws."  Read more of her story on

Here's a preview:

Sep 13/11

Minnesota grown fresh hops at a Groveland home

Brewed on "the Mike", our 15-gallon pilot system, this fresh hop is never to be recreated in its exact form. A backyard crop of Groveland grown Cascade and Mt. Hood hops are backloaded in the kettle, then the wort is run back through the mash tun and a thick bed of wet hops, before the chiller, and fermentation.

Fresh hop is a time for organizing the garage and mentally preparing yourself for the winter that lies ahead.

Look for a proper fresh hop beer from Indeed in the fall of 2012.

Aug 13/11

'The Mike' - A 15-gallon pilot brewing system

Most homebrewers start their hobby with a small aluminum kettle, some malt extract, and a plastic bucket.

Indeed was no different.

Josh, our head brewer, was so enthralled with brewing after his starter kit that he walked down to the Green Mill in St. Paul to volunteer his time cleaning, carrying, and picking up the fundamentals of commercial brewing. Before long Josh crossed the Mississippi River to a job at Town Hall Brewery. After a couple years there Josh moved to Portland, Oregon where he brewed at the Main Street Ale House before returning to Minnesota's Town Hall Brewery two years later where he has served as the lead brewer for the past five years.

Thanks to the generosity of our friend and fellow homebrewer, Mike Mulville, we were able to acquire the use of this 15-gallon RIMS homebrewing system for use as our pilot system during startup phase of Indeed.

"The Mike" as we call it, is similar in design to a SABCO system. Digital temperature control, mash recirculation, and whirlpool make this system a joy to brew on.