Two Good x The Legal Revolution

We're donating 100% of the profits from Two Good Sparkling THC case sales to the Legal Revolution

Feel twice as nice this December when you buy Two Good Sparkling THC. We're donating 100% of profits on cases of Two Good to the Legal Revolution. Buy a case (24 cans) of our 2mg THC drink for $65 from the Northeast Minneapolis taproom and know the proceeds are going to a good cause this holiday season.

The Legal Revolution is a movement to structurally transform the legal discipline through a series of legal initiatives that center racial equity, mental health and wellness, and the expertise of those most impacted by the law. The Minneapolis-based organization provides a global blueprint for legal reparations and community justice and is organization anchored by a “Prison to Law Pipeline” and civil rights law firm that exist to democratize legal education and strategically intervene into the legal discipline over the next decade—structurally reshaping its contours to benefit and comprehensively include incarcerated and formerly incarcerated legal practitioners.

“Indeed loves being able to play in the THC space,” says Kelly Mortiz, COO. “But while we are excited to share new offerings like Two Good, we are also compelled to acknowledge the privileged position we’re in as a company that participates in and profits from this new market while others suffer from drug-related charges that can haunt them, sometimes for life, with profound effects on their ability to thrive.”

“We’re stoked to be working with Legal Revolution. Their approach to creating structural change by the hands and minds of people most heavily impacted by the law is inspiring,” says Ryan Bandy, Director of Experience. “Specifically in the THC conversation, they are asking crucial questions about how to stop injustice from happening again, and how to change the system to produce more equitable results. We’re excited to have Two Good help support their work.”

Indeed Brewing Company also recently released its 5mg Sparkling THC drink, High Fiver, on December 6.